Ash vacuum cleaner – advantages, best practices and maintenance

Ash vacuum cleaner – advantages, best practices and maintenance

The VITO's ash vacuum cleaner is the ideal appliance for ensuring that all areas are cleaned and vacuumed quickly and efficiently. By using this ash vacuum cleaner you no longer need to think about shovels, brooms, bags, or even conventional vacuum cleaners.

Below we list the advantages of the ash vacuum cleaner:


Ash is finer than ordinary dust and therefore the vacuuming process is more complex and takes longer. The ash vacuum cleaner has been specially developed to vacuum up ash in a practical, fast and effective way. The use of hand tools or conventional vacuum cleaners can cause the ash dust to mix with the air and become harmful to respiratory health. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is not designed for this purpose, and the suctioning of ash can be damaging to the correct operation of this appliance. 

Hepa filter:   

The Hepa filter of the ash vacuum cleaner allows 99.9% of dust to be retained, preventing the projected air from coming with dust particles. The fact that there are no leaks, keeps the environment cleaner, contributing to the respiratory health of the users and preventing aggravation of dust allergies.

How to clean the Hepa filter when it is dirty: 

  • Undo the five fastening latches and remove the vacuum cleaner head;
  • Remove the HEPA filter carefully;
  • Blow out the filter with compressed air until it is as clean as possible;
  • Fit the filter and assemble the other components in the reverse order of disassembly. 


  • Domestic use: cleaning barbecues, fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves.
  • Professional use: Vacuum of barbecues and bakery ovens.

Blowing function:

The blowing function is useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places where vacuuming is not possible. Blowing helps release dust and transfer it to easily accessible places. This function is available by connecting the hose to the air outlet.

Heat Resistant:

VITO's ash vacuum cleaners have been developed for cleaning rooms under extreme conditions, withstanding temperatures of up to 40°C. They feature a steel tank and a metal suction tube, the ash vacuum cleaner is prepared to suck up bits of burning coal.

Cleaning and maintenance:

It is important to always keep the ash vacuum cleaner clean and dry, free of oils, lubricants or grease. After use, you should clean all components and accessories. Avoid using aggressive cleaning products as these can damage plastics and metals, which will impair the proper functioning of the appliance.  

What can the ashes from the fireplace be used for?

Ash can be reused and used to neutralise soil acidity through the high calcium content it has. They can also be used to keep snails and slugs off farmland, and to make caustic soda for soap. 

The vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your rooms clean:

The VITO's 20 V cordless ash vacuum cleaner from the EGO range is suitable for vacuuming barbecues, fireplaces and stoves. This cordless vacuum cleaner with a maximum suction power of 9Kpa is powered by an universal battery (2Ah, 4Ah and 6Ah lithium batteries) that can be purchased separately and used with other machines and tools from the EGO range.

Thanks to its light and compact design and its carrying handle, it can be transported and stored in any space. It has a hepa filter responsible for filtering all particles, even those that are not visible, contributing to a clean and healthy environment. It has a 12-litre tank capacity, includes a suction hose and a metal suction tube.