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International Presence

The brand

The vision with which we build the future

To lead bravely those who believe that whenever we stand up and decide to build, repair and change life with our own hands, we build the future. And that, it's not for everyone. It's only for the bravest ones.

The mission that we bravely lead

To provide the best solution in the markets where we are present, standing out as a leading and trustworthy brand, ensuring the sustained and lasting development of our businesses and partnerships and the full satisfaction of our customers and employees.

30 Years of accumulated experience

A 100% Portuguese brand with more than 30 years of existence that belongs to the Central Lobão Group, specialized in machinery, tools, electrical and lighting equipment.

Modern facilities - 50.000 m2 of covered area and robotic logistics platform - and a functional and agile organizational model, which relies in a team of specialized professionals highly committed to the success of the company and its customers.

Most chosen brand by the consumers

VITO was elected the No. 1 consumer choice in Portugal winning the Prémio Cinco Estrelas (Five Star Award) and Consumer Choice Award 2022, in the category of machines and tools.


Global brand

Thanks to the diversity and quality of its products and services, VITO has a wide network of distributors and is represented in more than 2,000 points of sale.

A brand with the ambition to be global, considered a national and international reference in the sector of tools, equipment and accessories, which is present in more than 35 countries all over the world. It seeks to respond to the demands of the markets and the challenges of globalisation, always guaranteeing the best solution. More than 30% of its business is concentrated in international markets.

In Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, VITO machines, tools, equipment and accessories for construction, agriculture, gardening, safety and auto can be purchased through official local distributors or on e-commerce platforms of major online retailers. and marketplaces (eg Amazon).


To meet the demands and needs of customers, new products are developed that are governed by principles of quality, safety and sustainability. All machines and tools are subject to strict quality control and processes that allow us to deliver any item anywhere in the world with maximum confidence and credibility (quality recognised and certified by the ISO 9001 quality standard).

The services are also guided by high standards of demand and quality, aware that only then we can meet the expectations of customers and gain their trust.


An innovative logistics centre (+ 50.000m2) in the sector of marketing and distribution of machines and tools, which makes the entire order process easier and ensures more control, precision and efficiency.

Through constant investment in the improvement of processes and logistics operations, VITO stands out in the management and dispatch of orders (Industry 4.0). A fully monitored and automated process, through autonomous mobile robots, automatic packaging systems and pallet transport, ensures that orders are dispatched in a short period of time, responding efficiently to the needs of customers.


The continuous emphasis on innovation is reflected in the evolution of products and services. Inspired by information and data, VITO develops new product and service solutions to satisfy and preserve the confidence of its customers. It is dedicated to the daily production of new solutions empowered with technology and autonomy capable of carrying out work efficiently and with high performance.

More than having a global offer of machines, tools, equipment and accessories for construction, agriculture, gardening, safety and cars, it is essential to ensure that it offers current and innovative solutions to the market, doing justice to a history of over 30 years of differentiating products.