How to Keep a Healthy Garden

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden can be a challenge, but with the right tools, the process can be much easier and more enjoyable. VITO offers a wide range of gardening tools that are ideal to ensure that your garden is always in top condition.   1. Regular Pruning Frequent pruning is essential to keep plants healthy, promote good growth and control the shape and size of plants. Depe


Roadshow VITO

We want to be even closer to you!  Now you can track where the Roadshow will be every month!  From north to south, in Portugal and Spain, the VITO Roadshow Demonstration Van rides kilometres with determination and bravery, carrying with it VITO's excellence in machines and tools! 🛠️🌍  With a specialised team ready to help you, you'll have the unique opportunity to personally test ea


The Portuguese People's Favourite Choice in Machines and Tools for Four Years in a Row

For the fourth year running, we are honoured to receive the "Cinco Estrelas" (Five Stars) and "Escolha do Consumidor" (Consumer choice) in the Machinery and Tools category 🌟🥇 In addition to this enormous satisfaction, this recognition reinforces our ongoing commitment to continuing to deliver excellence in every tool we manufacture. Driven by a spirit of bravery, we strive to push the boundaries a