The importance of clearing undergrowth and land: a matter of prevention and safety!

The importance of clearing undergrowth and land: a matter of prevention and safety!

With the arrival of spring, fields and natural areas come alive with the blossoming of vegetation, but this also brings with it a significant increase of the risk of forest fires, so clearing undergrowth plays a vital role in protecting communities and preserving the environment.

It is mandatory for every landowner to cut down grass, shrubs and trees in order to guarantee everyone's safety and preserve the environment.

These rules apply to rural and forest areas surrounding residential areas, settlements and roads.

Whether it's removing vegetation, thinning, cutting grass, eliminating weeds, trimming bushes and trees, it's important to choose the machine that matches the specific needs of the job at hand.

With its ergonomic design in a backpack format, it is the most suitable option for use in areas that are difficult to access, steep or slopped areas. This backpack brush cutter allows the weight to be distributed evenly, ensuring comfort during long periods of time. It also provides freedom of movement and easy manoeuvrability on uneven or rough areas, making it an efficient and comfortable choice for any type of challenging area.

Suitable for precise cuts in areas of grass or undergrowth, this brush cutter is an excellent choice for agricultural land or for maintaining green areas. Equipped with an Easystart system, it guarantees a smooth and hassle-free start to work.

The Split Brush Cutter removes weeds, small shrubs as well as uneven lawn.

Equipped with a brushless motor and two 20V batteries with lithium-ion technology, this machine offers versatility by allowing the use of the brush cutting blade and the brush cutter head. In addition, it comes with a brush cutting blade, providing a cutting width of 250 mm, and a brush cutter head capable of cutting up to 350 mm. To make it easier to transport, the brush cutter comes with a carrying handle, ensuring ease of use and maximum comfort.

This type of model reaches areas that are difficult to access, allowing you to cut through denser vegetation. Suitable for use in gardens, residential areas and medium-sized fields. Ergonomic thanks to its two comfortable arms and handles and to the shoulder strap that relieves the weight from the user´s back.

This brush cutter with pneumatic wheels and an adjustable handlebar provides exceptional control during operation, ensuring a firm and stable grip on the ground.

In addition, the handlebar is adjustable and has three height levels, allowing it to be adapted to every specific need. A great option for mowing large areas, allowing quick and efficient coverage of the land.


It's important to emphasise that keeping undergrowth clear is not only an environmental protection measure, but also a matter of public safety.